1. Women Program: WOMB

    1. Women of Massive Belief (Women of Worth) - This program aims to uplift, recognize, and bring women together throughout the community for empowerment and fellowship. Each year we select twelve women that stand out in business, education, media, religion, family, government, arts, and entertainment. We aim to choose women from the community that a younger generation of women can look up to and believe in themselves to achieve positive change within our community. The twelve women chosen are brought together to be recognized at an annual luncheon; however, before the luncheon, the twelve women decided to work on various community service projects and mentor younger women. Also, at the luncheon, women decorate their tables, highlighting their favorite charities as a donation is made to a woman’s charity with the best-decorated table. This program has been within the community since October 2017. 

  2. CommUNITY365:

    1. Unified Community Service Program - This program began from the outcry of citizens who gathered in the streets to march for unity within Shreveport and addressed the racial divide. It’s designed to bring people together beyond race, age, gender, and beliefs to work together to serve the community. An annual community service project is planned to better our community and encourage diverse working relationships. Thus far, we’ve worked together on smaller projects to encourage participation, such as unity fellowships/marches, water distribution during the winter storm, vaccination campaign/site, and community feeding.  This program has been within the community since March 2020. 

  3. FuelMan Mentoring Program:

    1. The purpose of this program is to provide mentorship to young men within the community from positive male role models. We rigorously recruit and vet adult men who can offer their time, experience, and commitment to being lifetime role models in young men's lives. Each mentor has to complete an application, and a background check is done. Every three months, all the young men within this program and their mentors come together for a program-wide workshop and social activity. Young men involved in this program learn how to deal with social pressure, soft skills, proper dressings, and ways to become strong men within society.  This program has been within our community since December 2018. 

  4. Monthly Initiatives:

    1. Community Service (The GiveBack) - The purpose of this program is to give people the opportunity to give back to their community in a positive way. We invite community members to join us on a monthly community service project to provide women, men, and children an opportunity to give back. During this monthly project, we’ve given back to all types of groups: children, senior citizens, people with disabilities, the homeless, displaced homemakers, and many more. This program has brought significant improvements to our community. This program has been in place since January 2011. 

  5. Weekly Initiatives -

    1. GAP Living Assistance Program (Financial Assistance, Financial Education & Job Placement)  -  To provide at least a minimum degree of economic security to those in need because of financial resources that have become insufficient to meet their needs. Financial literacy helps people develop a more robust understanding of basic financial concepts and Job placement is to help individuals find work. We’ve been unofficially assisting families without an organized program since July 2014. Our board has scheduled a planning community this year to manage a living assistance program officially.